Oscars Countdown: The Danish Girl

The Award season is officially above us, and The Academy Awards is in our sights. One night to honor the magic of motion pictures, and Ajla and I couldn’t be more excited!

The one movie that has been on all our lips, since Caitlyn Jenner made her appearance into society in 2015, is The Danish Girl. This movie is particularly exciting, speaking not  only as a Danish girl, as it is the first real opportunity the movie’s male lead Eddie Redmayne has had to show off and challenge his amazing acting skills since he took home the Oscar for best actor in 2014 for The Theory of Everything.

The Danish Girl tells the story of the ambiguous Einer Wegener, whose depths are beyond the imaginations of anyone in the 1890ish. Redmayne brings his A-game to the role of Wegener, as he portrays the persona of a passionate male painter, while containing the thoughts and innocent touches of a shy woman – Lili. Watching how Redmayne balances the two people inside the same body, each fighting for supremacy, is a wonder to beholde, and hadn’t the movie been inspired by a tragic true story, I would’ve believed the role to be created just for him. He was born to play the role of a man and a woman navigating around the groundbreaking journey of a transgender pioneer.

The talented Redmayne was perhaps born to play the role of Wegener, but Alicia Vikander outperforms that of Redmayne. In the movie, Wegener is married to a woman whose strength and talent match, or perhaps even surpassed, his own: Gerda Wegener. Vikander portrays Gerda with a strength that is rarely seen on the big screen while managing the difficult task of making us feel the complex feeling that is in play in the movie. And I felt all the despair, confusion, frustration and different shades of loves that was intended.

No doubt the movie, Redmayne and Vikander will do well at the Oscars, but ultimately my rating of the The Danish Girl is 4/5 statues. Any movie that can make me rethink the challenges in my life is a movie worthy of an Oscar. However, the storyline lacks an element of entertainment if I have to sit through a movie that lasts 140 minutes.



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