The Mother/Daughter A-team is back!

They are back. They are back. They are back!

Pour the coffee and hide away your phone, because Netflix and Warner Bros. Television are re-opening Luke’s Diner and bringing back the world’s greatest mother-daughter relationship. That’s right – Gilmore Girls is back! I havn’t been able to settle down, since the news broke on Friday, January 29, that we are talking about not one, not two, but four whole 90 minutes episodes with all the original cast members!

Unfortunately, the one and only Mr. Gilmore, played by late Ed Hermann, won’t be join the cast, and I absolutely don’t know how the show, let alone Kelly Bishop aka Emily Gilmore, will manage without him. But if anybody can its Mrs. Gilmore, right?

In the announcement, it was also confirmed that each of the four episodes will focus on a different season, and that Bishop just received the last script.

So now the time has finally come to get the answers to my never-asked questions: Will Luke and Lorelai still be together in the future? Do they have a second kid (Goooood, I hope so)?, Is it Jess or Logan Rory will end up with? Or will a totally handsome british guy come sweep her up her feet. And what happens to Kirk? Ohh, let the wondering be done.

No other news about the reviving of the show has been announced, but trust me, I will be paying close attention!


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