Before I Wake Teaser

If you’re a huge film lover and you’re up to date with this year’s award season, you probably know that 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay is the absolute cutest thing to happen this year. His portrayal of Jack in Room is, in my opinion, the best I’ve seen so far. Thankfully, the little Canadian has a bunch of projects going on at the moment so we will see much more from him, and his next movie to hit the big screens is the horror Before I Wake.

The movie is about a young couple, portrayed by Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane, who adopt an orphan child, Cody whose dreams and nightmares manifest physically as he sleeps. I can’t really think of anything creepier but it doesn’t make me less excited about this movie, which will be released on April 8. We will see Jacob Tremblay in yet another difficult role that requires major talent and acting skills but having witnessed his outstanding performance in Room and judging by this trailer, I don’t doubt that he will be the center of attention in next year’s award season, too.

And I can’t get over Jacob Tremblay’s cuteness and talent. He is gonna be a HUGE name in Hollywood – and I’m always gonna be a fan!


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