Oscars Countdown: Room

So far I’ve seen all of the Oscar nominated movies minus Spotlight and Mad Max, and most of the movies I’ve seen are great. However, Room is on another level. I’m the type of person who loves, what I call, dark movies where not everything is rainbows and unicorns. I want bizarreness and extraordinary acting, and Room happens to deliver exactly that. Although Brie Larson gets the nominations for the leading role in this movie, her character’s son Jack is the main protagonist here, as the movie tells a story about a five-year-old boy who sees the world for the first time after growing up in what his mother ‘Ma’ and he call Room. Ma had been in Room for 7 years where she was kidnapped and raped by Old Nick who is also Jack’s father.

Most of the movie is set outside Room where, after escaping, Jack and Ma try to adjust to a normal lifestyle, which, despite the regained freedom, is harder than expected both for Ma and for five-year-old Jack. The fact that the focus is more on life after the abduction makes the movie much more interesting, and what I also like is the emphasis on the fact that, although Ma and Jack are out and safe, life is still tough and awkward. This movie’s story is a story of isolation, fear, hopelessness versus hope, and most importantly, it is a story about redemption and family bonds.

Brie Larson was absolutely amazing in the movie and her Golden Globe, SAG Award as well as the Oscar nomination are well-deserved. Jacob Tremblay, who I gushed about yesterday, delivered a performance that not even adults are capable of. Room is definitely Oscar material and it is without doubt my favorite movie of 2015.

My rating of Room is 5/5 Oscars for a great story, even better directing and great performances by Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. Also, it made me cry every time I watched it – AND it made my dad cry, who is usually a “tough guy”. Way to go, Lenny Abrahamson!


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