Dirty Grandpa review

I truly believe few movies are a genuine wast of time. I mean, even I sit through pointless and cliché filled love stories during Christmas, but Zac Efron’s and Robert De Niro’s Dirty Grandpa presented a real struggle for me.

The storyline of an uptight grandson learning the carefree ways of life through a roadtrip with his less-than-honorable and downright dirty grandpa is nothing if not generic. The countless cliches of a controlling fiancé and somewhat submissive guy feeling trapped  in a relationship mixed with a mainstream movie trying so unbelievably hard to be funny, renders nothing in this movie in a particular funny way. With enough crude and shocking comments to last us a lifetime, the movie is trying too hard to be offensive that it fails miserably, and simply comes off as a pointless attempt to entertain.

So okay, I get that maybe I am not the target audience for a movie that exclaims sexual comments and racial slurs, but this careless fumbling of the classical talent of De Niro and captivating Efron just seems a wast of time for everyone involved, particularly theirs.

So honestly, after watching Dirty Grandpa, I am a bit disappointed. I didn’t expect the film to be the next hit wonder of comedy films, but I did expect to be entertained, which I unfortunately was not. So Efron, De Niro, I think that’s a do-over.


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