If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit: American Crime Story Premier

We are all used to David Schwimmer as the hilarious Ross Geller and John Travolta as the 70’s hunk dancing to Grease Lightning – well, get ready to confuse your brain because Schwimmer is not funny and Travolta is not hot on FX’s newest crime anthology series American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson. Since I love everything with investigations and murder trials (freak alert) and I literally watched every single day of the Pistorius trial two years ago, American Crime Story is something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I heard that David Schwimmer was cast to play late Robert Kardashian. And finally, it happened – the new mini series produced by John Travolta himself just premiered.


I was two years old when the OJ Simpson case took place and my knowledge about it was pretty limited, so I had to do some reading prior to watching the pilot episode, which is called From the Ashes of Tragedy and it tells the story from the beginning. We see OJ Simpson leave his house as his driver is waiting for him to take him to the airport, and in the next scene we see an Akita dog with bloody paws leading a neighbor to OJ Simpson’s late ex wife Nicole Brown’s house where she and another male person are found stabbed to death.

The pilot episode was 57 minutes long and it made me want to see more. It ends pretty dramatically with OJ escaping when the police comes to arrest him, which, by the way, underlines the fact that he did kill Nicole and her lover Ronald Goldman. The series is full of elements leaning towards OJ Simpson being guilty of the murders despite his acquittal, which also confused me a little because I was expecting the show to be more objective. Although I prefer John Travolta as Danny Zuko in Grease, I think he did a great job portraying Simpson’s lawyer Robert Sharpio. In fact, he was the one whose performance I enjoyed the most because he managed to come off immensely annoying and I appreciate that. When Robert Kardashian, portrayed by David Schwimmer, tried to talk OJ from killing himself (another “He did it”-element in the episode), I couldn’t help but thinking “BUT YOU WERE ON A BREAK!”, which is definitely not his fault and I have to get better at taking his other roles more seriously.

My overall impression of the series is very positive and I’m really looking forward to the episode next week.


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