Narcos – First Impression

After hearing only good things about Netflix’s Narcos and after a 9.0 score on IMDb as well as two Golden Globes nominations, I decided to give the first episode a chance. Drugs and Pablo Escobar never appealed to me, but I have to admit that the first episode really wasn’t bad. And I really appreciate that everyone speaks Spanish! I hate when a movie or a series is set in a foreign country and literally everyone speaks English!

In the first episode we follow the DEA agent Steve Murphy whose task is to eliminate drug threats. Then we also see Pablo Escobar, portrayed by Wagner Moura, who is trying to build an empire and finding new ways of trafficking drugs to and from Cuba and supplying the content to Miami.

All that is so far from my world that I had to do some research on Pablo Escobar himself and on drug trafficking in Colombia, but once you understand how it all works, the series gets very interesting.

I got a positive first impression of Narcos and I’ll watch the next episode this weekend. The Spanish is very basic though, probably because the main audience is American but it was fun listening to Wagner Moura’s Portuguese accent.


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