Oscars Countdown: The Martian

Today’s Oscar nominee I will talk about is The Martian, which has seven Oscar nominations: Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Best Writing, Best Sound, Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Achievement in Production Design. Since writing, sound mixing, production design etc are not exactly my forte, I will focus more on the first two nominations.

The movie is about an astronaut Mark Watney, portrayed by Matt Damon who is presumed dead during a mission to Mars. Mark survives the storm that causes the rest of his crew to leave Mars and head back to Earth. We then follow Mark’s survival on Mars and how he tries to survive all alone on a planet. When they find out that Mark is still live, NASA and a team of scientists do everything they can to bring him home.

Personally I’m not a fan of unrealistic movies and series (says the girl who’s rewatched Buffy at least ten times), but I likes the storyline of The Martian because it might be unrealistic now, but it won’t be in some years. I liked the excitement about a man being trapped on a planet trying to get in touch with Earth. However, the story becomes very long winded when NASA discovers that he is alive. I completely understand that you can’t just get to Mars in a few hours and all that but some of the scenes were kind of “unnecessary” and long.

Matt Damon did well in the movie and his comments cracked me up. He doesn’t have many dialogues in the movie (of course – he is alone on Mars) so whether he is Oscar worthy or not could be discussed. Nothing about his performance made me think “Wow, he is good” because I felt that anyone could play that role. He is definitely overshadowed by his rivals in the Leading Actor category and I understand why.

The Martian is an okay movie, it is entertaining and it has a good storyline and a great cast with Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara and Chiwetel Ejiofor. With all the entertainment, the storyline, the awesome actors and some great visual effects, I give The Martian 3/5 statues because most of the movie is long winded and unnecessarily long. Since this movie is very popular, and I’m sure many of you would give it a higher score, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section. What makes The Martian a good movie for you?



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