How To Get Away With Murder is back

Two Christmases ago I started binge-watching the first season of How To Get Away With Murder. Needless to say that I was hooked on the show right away. Drama, crime, mystery and more twisted love affaries, than I am able to count. Yep, that’s my kind of show.

The mid-season premiere is here, or will soon be here, being Thursday February 11, and I’m beyond excited to find out how they will get away with the murder of Rebecca Sutter, or the attempted murder of Annalise Keating.

But for all of you who haven’t seen, hear or read about the show, it’s about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor – in the class How To Get Away With Murder of course – who become involved in a twisted murder plot. The second season has given us more murders, more killers and conflicted love affaires, and right before the mid-season is about to premiere, we have four killers and one try-to-be-but-failed-misurably killer, and not one innocent in the group.

So I can’t wait to get back on the HTGAWM-bandwaggon! Especially as the Emmy-winning Viola Davis is probably getting ready to kick some ass after getting shot.


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