Game of Thrones: Hall of Faces

The date is set and I am counting down the days til HBO’s Game of Thrones return with it’s sixth season on April 24. Probably like for most of you series-lovers out there, this show is a personal favorite of mine. It has the drama, it has the mystery, it has the strong and complex storyline, the backstabbing, humiliation, murders, dragon-ridding, and the best part, the who’s next-question hanging over the head of every main character on the show.  Now, who doesn’t love that?

Game of Thrones has never been shy about putting its characters through misery and misfortune, and its season five final took its depths of hell to a whole new level. I however, somehow managed to stay optimistic. I mean, of course Jon Snow was gonna make it out alive from his brutal and mutiny execution.

But with all the teasers for the upcoming season premiere circulating around, I’m not so sure anymore. The latest one bringing back voices from the past and uniting them with the absolute horrible present (and yes, I am referring to Mr. Snow) in the mystery place that is the Hall of Faces. Death is surely around us. And now that the show is freestyling from the books, as Game of Thrones is officially ahead of the published novels of A Song of Ice and Fire, I guess all bets are off. No character is safe, unlike before. No storyline is too gut wrenching, ohh, poor Cersei. And no ground belongs to anybody. Because Winter is truly coming..



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