Oscars Countdown: 45 Years

It is time for yet another Oscar Countdown post and we’re finally talking 45 Years – a movie I’ve been looking forward to reviewing. Not because it was good, because I don’t think it was, but because it made me think – it’s always a plus!

I love normal everyday life stories about regular families because I can relate to them. Thankfully, I can’t relate to 45 Years as I’ve never been married and I haven’t been in a relationship or marriage for 45 years. The movie is about a regular English couple planning a big party for their 45-year-anniversary, but in the meantime they receive a letter in German saying that the man’s ex-lover’s body has been found in the Swiss glaciers where she died long time ago. Of course, the man, Geoff, gets sad because she was his ex-girlfriend and it reminded him of everything they experienced together. The wife Kate is supportive and understanding and offers to talk about it.

However, the man becomes sort of obsessed with his past and he keeps looking at old pictures of his ex, he sprays her perfume in the house, and he wanna go to Switzerland to see the body. This makes Kate jealous and pretty devastated, as she is planning a huge party for their anniversary. That made me think – after being married to someone for 45 years, can you still feel insecure about their love for you? I personally don’t know, as I have no marriage experience but it made me think. I went from thinking “Kate, stop whining! You’ve been married for 45 years” to “Geoff, you bastard!” but, on the other hand, I understand Geoff too! It turns out that his ex was pregnant when she died and he never got closure. The movie made me think and I appreciate that!

45 Years has only one Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role, which I sincerely think is a waste because Charlotte Rampling didn’t impress me at all. She was monotone, at times she seemed indifferent, and generally just boring. They try to show how life is when you’re an old couple but they ended up scaring me and thinking that I’d gladly skip that part of life if it’s as boring as portrayed.The storyline is fine but there is no “climax” and it’s monotone with a lot of dialogues, which is the reason for the 2/5 statues rating. It wasn’t exactly horrible to watch but it’s not a movie I would watch again.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.26.44 AM.png

Ps. I googled Charlotte Rampling and I found some pictures from her younger days. Absolutely stunning!

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