Oscars Countdown: Mad Max

I was a tad reluctant when I got the short end of the stick in regards to the Oscar nominee Mad Max: Fury Road. I was absolutely terrified as I watched the trailer for the film, and Ajla as good as hates everything post-apocalyotic, but as the film received no less than NINE nominations, we couldn’t very well leave it out of our countdown.

Mad Max follows a road battle in the post-apocalyptic Australia. The woman Imperator Furiosa rebels against the tyrannical ruler in search of The Green Place with the help of a group of the ruler’s female prisoners, a deranged worshipper, and  Max, the freedom fighter.


Trying to set aside my fears of human creatures boarding on insanity, the constant  obsession of skulls, the white ghost-like appearances and the unbelievable insane violence going on in the movie, it is a very entertaining film. It touches upon some twisted issues – inbreeding, human imprisonment, cults, Stockholm syndrome – and somehow it makes it work in the Mad Max-universe. All very disturbingly so, but works none the less.

I can get behind the concept of fighting for freedom, as the classical tale of mankind, which is very much the theme of the film and the characteristica of its male lead Max aka Tom Hardy. Hardy plays his part as I can only imagine it was intended, but as the character doesn’t require any particular skills besides that of a nice face and a decent six-pack, its no wonder he, or miss Furiosa aka Charlize Theron for that matter, isn’t up for an Oscar.

Anyways, if I was a guy, or a girl, loving action packed road battles with deranged human creatures jumping around looking for death, it’s definitely a good movie. Therefore Mad Max, which title I really don’t get, as it seams that everyone in the movie is more mad than poor Max, will get 4/5 Oscars. Chocking, I know, but hey, it was a good movie.






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