Oscars Countdown: Creed

Sylvester Stallone enters the boxing ring once again, this time in the Oscar nominee Creed. Stallone manages to get the film’s only nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, but in this movie, he wasn’t the one, who had to put on the boxing gloves and pack some punches. A rare move from the action man himself.

Creed is a sequel of the boxing saga Rocky, in which the former World Boxing Champion Rocky Balboa (who you probably know from one of the six kind of famous boxing movies) decides to get back in the ring, but this time not as a boxer, but as the trainer and mentor to his late friend and former rival’s son Adonis Donny Johnson.

This film was a perfectly fine film. Fine being the operative word. I know it has received acclaim from critics, and some have even called it the best Rocky film in many years. However, as I am not a big Rocky-fan (read: I have not seen a single film in the entire installment) I believed the storyline to be  generic – boy meets girl, boy wants to follow in father’s foodstep, throw the cancer-card on the table, and of course the ultimate fight at the end of the movie. Generic, right? With that said, the movie is exactly what I expected it to be, and I’m sorry to say, I was a little bored throughout it.

As for the performance of Stallone and Donny aka Michael Jordan, it was perfectly fine as well. Not bad, not good, not really  all the noticeable. It just was what it was.

Even though I was a tad bored, I do believe it was an okay-ish movie, and I understand why people, who love boxing, the Rocky universe and Sylvester Stallone love it. However, compared to everything els I have seen these last few weeks this was not high on my list of  must watch again-movies. Therefore, 2/5 statues is what I can scramble up for Creed, and unfortunately, I can’t say I’m rooting for Mr. Stallone on Sunday.








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