The Oscars

The time is finally here, and Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars and starlets are getting ready for the red carpet, as we speak. But, so are we. We have compiled a list of tonight’s nominees while highlighting our personal Oscar favorites in the hottest categories of the night. Read the whys and why nots of our favorites here:

Best Picture 2

We believe this year’s Oscars are full of truly great nominees, and this made it impossible to pick just one in the category of Best Picture. We fell in love with two strong pictures, which both centers on difficult subjects.

The first movie is Room – an exceptional movie about a 5-year-old boy’s first time in the real world after being born in ‘Room’ where his mom was being held captive. The movie shows the sad truth of being a captive and later being free and living with the consequences and traumas. The movie is shown from the boy’s point of view, and he explains the world in such a manner that you can’t help but admire him, and start asking yourself what life is really about. Its truly is a movie that stays with you long after the closing credits have finished rolling.

The second film is Spotlight – the true story of how the Boston Globe’s investigation team Spotlight uncovered the massive scandal and cover-up of child molestation within Boston’s Catholic Archdiocese and managed to shake the entire Catholic Church to its core. The film takes the topic of child molestation to another level by bringing new aspects into play, outside the classical fromwork of police stations and court rooms, and lifting the severity of a single case to that of hundreds. A must see movie, and a Oscar deserving film.

Actor in a Leading Role

In the Best Actor in a Leading Role category our absolute favorite is last year’s triumphant Eddie Redmayne, who we really hope will have two consecutive Oscars. His portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything last year is hard to top, so we won’t even try to compare his two performances. We know Redmayne as Hawking was on a completely other level.

However, Eddie’s competitors did not impress us at all this year, not even the mighty Leonardo DiCaprio, which is one of the reasons why we believe that Eddie is the one, who will take home the statue. He simply did better than the others.

Even though DiCaprio deserves an Oscar more than anyone on any red carpet in the history of Hollywood, we don’t believe this is the role his should get it for. If he has to win (and he really should win at some point), he has to win the right way. And 2016 is not the year for it, unfortunately.

Actress In A Leading Role

The category of Best Actress in a Leading Role contains great actresses who each delivered truly outstanding performances in their respective movies. However, our vote goes to Brie Larson for her performance in Room, as she has already won a numerous amount of awards this season, and we believe that she did a tad better than her competitors. Her connection with her co-star Jacob Tremblay was as noticeable as her overall portrayal of a kidnapped and isolated woman. A performance well deserving of an Oscar, if you ask us.

Actor in a Supporting Role

It is no secret that one of our all time personal favorites at this year’s Oscar is Spotlight. The film truly knows how to entertain, and with the ‘Based on Actual Events’ boiling under the surface throughout the movie, we can’t help, but be hooked on the storyline. However, Mark Ruffalo definitely deserves some of the credit for how well this movie turned out. He owned his part, and speaking as people, who have seen all the movies in this category, there is no dough in our minds, that he is going to win.

Actress in a Supporting Role

In the last category -Best Actress in a Supporting Role – it can in no capacity be considered a close race, as the lovely Alicia Vikander delivered the absolute best performance on screen this year and the last in the film The Danish Girl. Playing the complex part of the wife of a transgender husband, Vikander brought her A-game, even outperforming Eddie Redmayne, and we are sure that her performance will land her a permanent spot on Hollywood’s red carpets. Leigh, McAdams, Mara and even Winslet have no chance against this beautiful Scandinavian woman.



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