House of Cards: The Underwoods are back

House of Cards. House. Of. Cards. It is the series that was on everyone’s lips this past weekend. The Netflix original just released its fourth season, and I can only imagine the number of people, who pulled a Houdini from their actual lives to camp out on the couch streaming the whole thing. And you will find no judgment here.

The things is, I have never actually watched the show. Having spent the last six months in the television industry, it’s like the equivalent of not knowing how to breathe, and I have been forced to defend the reasons why not time and time again. But the time for bad excuses to finally be over has come, and I can proudly announce, that in just three short days, I have streamed just short of three whole seasons. Now that talking hermit-ing it!

To anyone out there, who have not seen House of Cards (which I can not imagine to be very many), the show is a political drama, in which the Congressman Francis Underwood is manipulating and outsmarting his way to the very top of the political landscape that is Washington D.C. with his devious wife Claire at his side.

Kevin Spacey aka Mr. Underwood is clearly not without talent, as he managed to have me glued to the screen for three days straight, only coming up for air and food. The show absolutely kept me coming back for more, and what ever it decided to show, I swallowed raw. The thing is, I love take charge, don’t leave anything to change, all is fair in love and politics mentalities like Blair Waldorf, Olicia Pope and even Jax Teller, and Kevin Spacey take it to another level.

It is definitely a show worth watching, if you haven’t already, as it is Netflix MVP for a reason. I for one can’t wait till I get a free moment, so that I can stream the latest season. If the trailer is any indication, the drama is spiking further.


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