Forget About Acrophobia! The Walk Is A Must-See

I recently watched The Walk which is a movie I’d been wanting to see for quite some time. However, looking at its official movie poster, I thought that it was an action movie – I was wrong. Thankfully!

The Walk tells the story of the French high-wire artist Phillippe Petit, portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Phillippe is a very passionate wire-walker from Paris who has a dream and he will do anything to make it come true – shortly after the Twin Towers were built, he decided to walk from the South Tower to the North Tower. On a wire. 417 meters above the ground. And even crazier – the movie is based on true events. Which means that a real-life human-being actually did this.

So let me be honest – In the headline I claim The Walk is a must-see, which it is in a certain way. If you feel like watching a fun movie with a sweet story (and you wanna hear a lot of French), it’s definitely a must-see. If you’re looking for a serious movie that will blow your mind, you should skip this one.

The movie is directed by Robert Zemeckis, the master mind behind Forrest Gump and Cast Away. The way it’s filmed is beautiful with crazy angles that make us worry about Petit while he is on the wire. Also, the movie is a beautiful tribute to the Twin Towers, and I loved the last line where Petit, on top of The Statue of Liberty, talks about how he was given a pass to the observation deck of the South Tower and he says: “Well, these passes they have a date on them. A date when they expire. But on my pass, Mr. Tozzoli, he crossed out the date and he wrote on it: FOREVER”. Powerful stuff!

All in all, good and entertaining biopic about an extraordinary man (also, watch the documentary on the real Phillippe Petit called Man on Wire. Great stuff!).


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