Old But Gold: Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

I know that a movie from 2008 wouldn’t normally be considered old but soooo many great movies have been released since 2008, so Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona is… old. I saw the movie last night and I thought that I would share my thoughts with you.

The movie is about two friends Vicky and Cristina who go to Barcelona, since Vicky wants to study the Catalan identity. They’re very different types – Vicky is engaged to a rich guy back home in New York and she is very conservative, while Cristina is impulsive and just wants to have fun. One night they meet this Bohemian tortured artist Juan Antonio, portrayed by Javier Bardem (of course) who immediately proposes a ménage à trois in his hometown Oviedo. Vicky says no, Cristina says yes.

They go to Oviedo and both girls end up falling in love with Juan Antonio, which becomes a problem since Vicky is already happily engaged. Later in the movie, Juan Antonio’s crazy ex-wife shows up and Cristina – who already moved in with Juan Antonio – starts having a relationship with the ex-wife too. So basically, we get to see Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson make out.

I love how open-minded and non-judgmental the movie is and it shows unorthodox scenarios in which love can be found, but I was bored. The only thing I truly enjoyed was recognizing the different places in Barcelona – other than that, the movie is boring. I know it has a solid 7.2 score on IMDb but haven’t we all witnessed these stories about some tourists having an exotic romance somewhere abroad? However, the acting is really good! Literally ALL of them are good and I enjoyed their performance, but Penélope Cruz was definitely the best one.

If you love a traditional “romantic” story and if you enjoy looking at a bunch of good-looking people fighting about who’s gonna be with whom, you should definitely give Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona a chance.


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