OJ Simpson Finale

A few months back I wrote about my first impression on FX’s American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson, which ended last night, and I can now write about the mini series as a whole.

I didn’t know much about the case before I saw the first episode of the series – I knew that there was a guy called OJ Simpson who had allegedly killed his wife and was then acquitted, and I know that because OJ Simpson’s name came up numerous times during the Oscar Pistorius trial, which, in my opinion, is totally different. But who am I to judge. Well, since the first episode, I decided to research and investigate the OJ Simpson case (mainly because I love murder trials). I read about the main personalities, I saw the crime scene photos , I watched parts of the trial, I watched various documentaries, and I watched Oprah’s interviews with Marcia Clark, Chris Darden and that son of a bitch Mark Fuhrman, who, I think, played an important role in the verdict, and I would tell you everything about that too, but let’s focus on the series.

American Crime Story is a very serious kind of series and, for that reason, I am happy that it only has ten episodes. Theres is a lot of dialogue and it is mainly set in a courtroom and, most importantly, in order to understand who is who and to understand what part of the trial they’re showing, you have to know the story beforehand. And I’m sure that people who were older than two, like myself, when the murders happened don’t need to do the homework because it was a media circus – even my mom, who was a war refugee at that time, found time to watch the trial!! Anyway, I don’t like movies and series with a lot of talking and where you need to stay focused but I have to admit that ACS was kick-ass! Every detail is included, they did not fail to show how reality was not only for OJ but also for the prosecution and defence. And at some point you get the feeling that you are in the courtroom yourself.

What I also liked about the series is that – despite what I said in my first post – it makes sure that you ask yourself “Did OJ really do it?”. And believe me, I just finished watching the finale and right before they read the verdict, I was quite nervous and my heart was beating like crazy! Even though I know by now that OJ was acquitted! Kudos for that. If you are into murder trials and you feel that you can stay very focused for 45 minutes, you should give American Crime Story a chance but make sure that you know the story beforehand.

If I were to point out flaws it would be the way the creators try to reach out to the younger audience by including the Kardashians. There are various episodes where we see Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob, and at some point they see their dad on TV being asked “how do you spell your last name?” and the kids go “K-A-R-D-A-S-H-I-A-N” and then they start chanting “KARDASHIAN! KARDASHIAN! KARDASHIAN!”. It was cringeworthy and unnecessary since it actually never happened according to the actual Kardashians. Oh and the reason the Kardashian thing is included is because late Robert Kardashian was on OJ’s defence team.

All in all, the finale got me super excited and the whole story is truly devastating. If you love drama, courtrooms, great acting and a great story, watch American Crime Story because it will blow your mind!


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