The Boy – Annabelle Rip-Off?

It’s Saturday and I’m bored to death, so what do I do? I put on a horror movie because it’s still afternoon and I need a different genre once in a while. One of my friends texted me last night about how she absolutely HAS to see The Boy, so I thought maybe I should do it first and let her know. And let me make something clear: I’m still deeply scarred after The Conjuring and horror movies result in months of sleepless nights for me.

But I decided to be brave and watch The Boy, as its IMDb score is 6.1 so I guessed it couldn’t be THAT scary, right? Thankfully, my way of thinking was correct because a 6.1 score DID mean that the movie sucked. The Boy is about an American nanny who comes to England and takes a job as a nanny, and she finds out that the boy she is supposed to take care of is a doll named Brahms. His parents treat him like a regular child, which is a way of coping with the death of their actual son – also named Brahms – 20 years prior.

One day the parents leave (to commit suicide) and the nanny is left alone in the huge, creepy, typical horror-movie house with the doll where she experiences disturbing stuff. That in itself is scary but certainly not something we’ve never seen before! But it’s scary, so I guess it’s legit. The point where the movie becomes lame is when the nanny’s ex comes to the house and breaks the doll, and guess what? The real Brahms (now over 20 years old) comes out of the wall and it turns out he had been living there all the time and he was the one doing the creepy stuff and not the doll. At that point, I just couldn’t wait for the movie to end because they were all fighting and, at some point, the nanny makes out with Brahms… WTF?

I wasn’t scared ONCE during the movie although there were periods where I had to focus on my phone because I didn’t want to see something scary, but nothing truly scary ever happened. It reminded me a lot about Annabelle minus the interesting demonic story Annabelle had. There was even an identical scene where the doll is thrown in the rocking chair – doesn’t that happen in Annabelle, too? If The Boy wasn’t scary for ME, who gets a nervous breakdown after horror movies, you can just imagine how bad it was. It is a shame because dolls are creepy and it had a potential to be very scary but they just messed it up with the ending that is straight out lame and confusing.

Has anyone else seen the movie? I hope you had a better experience!


3 thoughts on “The Boy – Annabelle Rip-Off?

  1. Yeah, this is old now but I just got around to replying. If anything, Annabelle was the gimmick of the movie, ala Anabelle. The actual story (I did watch it) seems like a rip of of Bad Ronald, a TV Movie from 1974. Watch it and see if you notice it.


  2. Thanks for reading AND replying because I hadn’t heard about Bad Ronald until now. I just googled it and it most certainly seems like The Boy is a rip off. I will definitely watch Bad Ronald and I hope it’s better than The Boy. As for Annabelle, you’re right, it’s two completely different stories. However, the ‘cursed doll’ thing is getting old, don’t you think?


    1. Well, these types of stories never get old because people still want to hear them. It’s just the way they’re told. The Boy would seem like a unique take on its own, almost a gotcha moment. But, when you look at Bad Ronald you have to say, crap, they ripped this off too.


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