Outstanding Outlander

Three days ago I surrendered my life to an epic romantic tale of a time traveling woman, who in the rough ages of 1743 is forced to marry in order to survive if she wants to return back to her own time. The show is called Outlander and is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, who has created just the most fascinating universe in the Scottish Highlands.

Claire, an English war nurse from the 1945, is transported back in time to Scotland, to a time where the country is fighting against the English to insure the rightful King the throne of England. In the midst of chaos, Claire finds herself forced to marry the Scottish Jamie, if she ever has any hope of surviving the cruel reach and power and sadistic torture of Captain Randall, who is hunting her down thought out Scotland (and accidentally is the spitting image of her first husband). Together, the couple faces fights, wars, assaults and deaths, but can Claire trust her new lover with her secret for her to finally find her way home? And if she can, can she leave him behind?

A romantic tale of being caught between two worlds, two lovers and two sides of one self, Outlander brings the books to life with fantastic scenes and amazing chemistry between the show’s leads Claire and Jamie. You can not help but fall in love alongside the characters themselves, both with them and the story, and I swear, you will be drawn in to the universe in a way that will make you lust for more. And incidentally, I found that the second season is just around the corner!

With the love, the romance, and old fashion ways of life, it takes something extreme to make Outlander out to be something more than just a newer version of a Jane Austin inspired novel. This is where Gabaldon introduces the paradox of Captain Randall – An ancestor to Claire’s husband Frank Randall, and an utterly disturbing individual that gives the worst sexual sadists on the cast of Criminal Minds a run for their money. A man that prays on the weakness of his victims by plays mental games and exerts his will and sexual wishes to bring shame and suffering. This man makes the show not only entertaining by bringing an extra layer to the show, but he makes it impossible to look away from the screen. And boy, can I say, I had a hard time watching the last episode in particular.

This is a show that truly has everything; a potent mixture of history, adventure, fantasy, romance, sex and violence. And if you, as I, decide to give up your life, for a few wonderful hours, to be in the company of somewhat charming Scotts, alluring storylines and mentally twisted individuals (yes, I am referring to you, Captain Randall), I will insure you, you will not regret it.

So bring on the second season!


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