We’ll Never Have Paris (or a good review)

I’m a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, and since Howard Wolowitz is my favorite character, I thought that watching We’ll Never Have Paris would be a great idea as it’s starring Simon Helberg and he is even the director of the movie. And you know what happened? Exactly the same thing that happened to the Friends cast. They cannot play anything else but the parts they’re used to. So I was watching Howard Wolowitz chasing a girl in Paris (sounds like him, though, doesn’t it?).

We’ll Never Have Paris is about a guy named Quinn who is in a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart Devon. After his co-worker Kelsey tells him that she likes him, Quinn breaks up with Devon because he feels that he can’t be with one single girl for the rest of his life. So what does Quinn do? He decides to get more action and he starts sleeping with other girls while Devon is mad at him – including Kelsey. After realizing that Kelsey is not the girl for him, Quinn starts missing Devon who is now in Paris.

Quinn then decides to take the flight to Paris and win Devon back despite the fact that she has already met a French guy with whom she has more in common, so Quinn’s trip to Paris turns into a big mess. Just like the movie itself. The movie is supposed to be a comedy and, according to Simon Helberg himself, it’s “hilarious”. I beg to differ. I didn’t laugh once. The movie is pretty forgettable and it was definitely not worth watching.



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