Hush Review

I had been wanting to see a movie called Hush for quite some time now, and I finished it just five minutes ago, so get ready to (finally) a positive review from me. First of all, as I mentioned in the post about The Boy, horrors are not my cup of tea but, for some reason, they keep attracting me. I have never found bloody serial-killer-movies scary – it takes much more than that to scare me. However, I had to watch Hush on a small screen and on mute. That’s how scared I was.

Hush is about a deaf woman who lives alone in the woods, which is scary enough in itself. One night, her neighbor Sarah runs screaming towards her home and screams for Maddie – the main character – to notice her. Instead, she is slaughtered by a man wearing a white mask, who also notices that Maddie is deaf. He enters her home and makes sure she doesn’t notice him, while she is on her computer writing something. He then steals her iPhone and takes photos of her that he sends to her computer. SO. CREEPY. I WOULD DIE. We then follow Maddie who fights for her life against this crazy psycho serial killer who want to kills her.

The scary part is that Maddie is deaf, which made me so tense of anticipation of what was going to happen next. We have already seen the cat-and-mouse game in many home invasion movies (such as good ol’ Scream) but this time, the protagonist lacks a sense, which makes her much more vulnerable. John Gallagher Jr. was great as the serial killer because he made me genuinely angry, and Kate Siegel as Maddie was phenomenal and I hope to see more from her in the future.

If you want some real tension, make sure to give Hush as chance. It contains creepy details (which I appreciate no matter how disgusting they are) great acting, and a good storyline.



4 thoughts on “Hush Review

    1. I know, and I’m not a fan of the whole home invasion thing either but the idea of a deaf woman as the main character made me quite curious. However, maybe I should mention that the man takes off his mask at the beginning, which, in my opinion, makes it less creepy. Had he kept the white mask on, I would’ve sh*t my pants, lol 😀 This way, it was more the anticipation of where in the house he could be that scared me.

      If you do decide to watch it, enjoy! It’s absolutely not the worst horror movie I’ve seen.

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  1. That’s exactly my question!! I hope I’m not spoiling too much, but the woman writes something like “We will forget about this, I don’t know who you are, I didn’t see your face” in order to try to save herself and he takes it off and shows her his face so that he has a reason to kill her.. Really unnecessary.


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