The fairytale of The Huntsman

My obsession with fairytales of a princess going through her many struggles to finally get the prince to pass the threshold to her happily ever after runs deep. I am without a doubt a sucker for a good love story, and I guess that is why I continue to watch the remakes of fairytales and childhood stories that are all the rage these days. Whether we are talking Disney’s Cinderella, Maleficent or Snow White and the Huntsman, I am there. So of course when the sequel (and prequel, as it turns out) of Snow White, The Huntsman – Winter’s War, hit the big screens in Denmark, I had to see it.

As a sequel, The Huntsman -Winter’s War follows where the tale of Snow White stops, but the story line is based on events that happened before the tale of Snow White was even told. This tale begins when a young boy is taken from his parents’ arms alongside the village’s other children to be forced into an army of Huntsmen. This is the work of the ice queen Freya, who is the sister queen of Snow White’s evil stepmother Raveena (It’s complex, I know). She rules her kingdom harshly with only one law: All love is forbidden. But when the boy Eric years later turns into a man (the ohh, so gorgeous Chris Hemsworth) after having fought countless battles to conquered kingdoms, he finds himself unable to fight the love he and the Huntswoman Sara share. As punishment for breaking the law of love, the ice queen forces the brave Eric to see the love of his life die.

However, fast forwarding seven years to when Snow White has conquered her evil stepmother Raveena, the magical mirror disappears. Unfortunately, it ends up in the hands of Freya, who uses it to bring back her sister from the dead. Now Eric must fight to save Snow White’s kingdom (once again, I might add), but will he have to do it alone?

Having re-watched Snow White and the Huntsman days before, I absolutely love this sequel. It has it all: Love, humor, violance and wonderful cast with good chemistry -Everything that’s missing from the first film. Having never been a huge fan of Kirsten Stewart, this movie definitely benefited from her absents, along with the decision to include dwarf Nion and dwarf Gryff as comical relief. Consequently, if you are expending to go watch Snow White no. 2, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Having seen The Huntsman with my sister, I was offered a different perspective to the film than my own. She believed the film to be rather point-less, which was a notion I shut down straight away with the complex storyline itself. However, sitting here contemplating the very meaning of The Huntsman to the tale of Snow White, I am forced to agree. The film offers nothing to Snow White, except the fact that we now know Eric will not end up with Miss White herself (thank god!), which I do thing is a shame. Especially since this film was the perfect platform for making the character of the evil stepmother more complex than simply casting her as evil. In this aspect, I think The Huntsman should have taking a page out of Maleficent’s playbook. But what do you guys think?


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