Orphan Black – Clone Club is back

From the Vampire Diaries to Black Swan, the tale of an elusive doppelgänger is one that has been told time and time again. But in the history of television, no one has played as many doubles as Tatiana Maslany in the Sci-fi hit show Orphan Black. First aired back in 2013, this show caught my eye just last September, and trust me when I tell you, I went through the three available seasons quicker than Ben & Jerry’s Cookie dough-flavored ice cream.


Orphan Black follows the street-smart hustler Sarah Manning, who one night witnesses a suicide. This however, is not just any suicide, as the woman is the spitting image of Sarah herself. Intended to get ahold of the woman’s cash (she won’t need it anymore anyways), Sarah assumes her identity, but quickly learns that there is more to this than identical appearances.

She joins Clone Club (not the real club name, or a real club for that matter), in which she alongside scientist Cosima, soccer mom Alison, and psychopath slash killer slash sometimes helpful Helena tries to figure out their past to be able to keep them alive in the future, as a genetic flaw is killing them one by one.

Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany is nothing short of an amazing actress, who on a good day (or episode) plays the roles of four clones, but on a bad day plays that of nine! So if you think Lindsey Lohan did a great job playing both twins in The Parent Trap, Maslany’s job will nothing but amaze you. She manages to make each one of the characters stick out, and not because of their different styles, but because of their attitudes, accents and personalities. I mean, if you can play the role of a somewhat steady American housewife and that of a psychotic Russian psychopath, you are portraying some serious acting skills.

However, it is not just the characters alone that make Orphan Black what it is. It is the chemistry that exists between the characters, especially the connection between Sarah and Helena; it is the complex storyline with entangled personal histories occurring alongside it; and it is Felix Dawkins – an over the top, irrational, self grounded, morally corrupted, gay guy, whom I can only describe as the best wing man, sidekick and comical relief in any television show. Ever. I am absolutely in love with this character and he alone makes this show worth watching.

Anyways, once again we are graced with the company of these charismatic people, as Netflix just started airing its fourth season. I am for one going to be glued to the screen, waiting for the next episode to come my way, and enjoy the funny remarks of Mr. Felix while Clone Club goes down the rabbit hole to their past. So lets see how many more clones the season will bring…





2 thoughts on “Orphan Black – Clone Club is back

  1. I just about wet myself with excitement to see Orphan Black in the TV schedule – my fave tv show of all time. I love how this season they are going back to the beginning and we’re getting answers to questions I’ve been asking for years!


    1. I know! I love, love, love that they decided to show us the past – I mean, how much more must have been going on for Beth to off herself like that, which we just didn’t know?

      What did you think about the whole Art thing, because I’m not really sure about that…


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