Mozart in the Jungle First Impressions

It’s been over a month since we’ve posted our last post for which we really apologize. Both Anne and I have been extremely busy wrapping up our Master’s theses, but the end is near! However, I found some time to give a new series a shot so that I can make an awesome comeback.

Today we are talking about Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle. I usually prefer movies over TV but since the show is pretty short (two seasons, ten episodes each), I gave it a chance. The series is about a famous Mexican maestro Rodrigo who comes to New York City – hence the name of the show – to work for the New York Symphony where he meets the young and ambitious Hailey whose biggest dream is to become a part of Rodrigo’s orchestra. Throughout we follow Hailey, who becomes Rodrigo’s personal assistant so that she can be as close to the orchestra as possible and maybe get an opportunity that way despite her insecurities and despite being told that she isn’t good enough for Rodrigo’s team.

At first, I was very skeptical because classical music is absolutely not me and, but since Gael García Bernal is one of my favorite actors, I decided to be more open-minded and maybe learn a few things about classical music. I guess.

I have only seen season one, so I cannot tell you more about the plot because 1) I don’t know what’s going to happen next, and 2) I don’t wanna spoil too much. But you kinda see what is going on, right? Great, so let me first comment on the acting because it’s one of my favorite kinds of art in the entertainment industry and good acting can even make the worst movie seem, well, less bad. Gael García Bernal is a few steps beyond the rest of the cast, obviously, as his portrayal of a passionate maestro is ravishing. On the other hand, Hailey, who is the lead, is good and refreshing in her own way but I cannot help but think of Kristen Stewart when I watch the way she acts. Make of that what you will…

Mozart in the Jungle has a 8.2 score on IMDb, which is a great, so I expected a lot from this show. I cannot say that I’m disappointed because I’m definitely going to finish season two by tomorrow, and it is a very enjoyable show, which is based on a book called Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music. One thing I really love about the show is that it is very contemporary and modern, and everyone uses the F-word. I’m not saying that I’m fond of the F-word, but I think it is a good way of portraying reality, lol. Most importantly, the show is about determination, persistence, and fighting for your dreams, and can you think of anything more refreshing than that?


Judging by season 1, I give Mozart in the Jungle 4 out of 5 clapperboards for great casting, different storyline and the great ability to mix classical with modern.


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