The Exorcist Review

New day, new review! We are still going back in time – this time longer back than 2002. I am about to tell you about what some people consider one of the scariest movies of all time: The Exorcist from 1973. Since it is from 1973, it should be categorized as “Old But Gold”, but frankly, it doesn’t deserve to be called gold (I’m sorry, die hard The Exorcist fans!).

Just like any other exorcism movie, The Exorcist is about someone being possessed by a demon, and despite the fact that I am not religious and that I believe that everything can be explained logically, I do, to some extent, believe in demonic possessions. Exorcism movie don’t scare me one bit but I find them extremely interesting because I’m a bit freaky and I find possessions interesting (don’t judge me, please). However, The Exorcist didn’t impress me at all.

The movie is about a famous actress whose daughter Regan starts to behave very strangely day by day and she starts changing her appearance. Despite these oddities, doctors cannot find anything wrong with the girl who has undergone a significant amount of neurological tests. The situation gets worse every day and, at the end it gets so bad that she needs to be tied to the bed and she starts swearing like a sailor and she speaks in tongues. Regan’s family turns to a local priest for help who eventually faces the demon that possessed Regan.

As mentioned, I like movies about exorcism and I’ve watched maaaaany from The Conjuring to The Exorcism of Emily Rose but they mostly fail to frighten me (The Conjuring did because it involves some serious sh*t). However, The Exorcist is way too slow and unrealistic – the headspinning would most likely have left Regan preeeeety dead afterwards. And oh, she masturbates with a cross. Not strange at all. That’s a normal horror movie thing, I guess (one of the 1000 times during the movies where I said “WHAT THE HELL?!”). The storyline idea is great for a horror movie but the visualization is lame, and I totally get that it’s from 1973, but also, if the visualization is not convincing, I don’t see how this movie can STILL be considered one of the scariest movies of all times.


I will rate The Exorcist with 2 out of 5 clapperboards thanks to its okay storyline and phenomenal acting. Other than that, don’t waste your time.


4 thoughts on “The Exorcist Review

      1. The head turning around, LOL! It may not be *logical*, because it would break her neck, but those that are possessed by a supernatural entity aren’t exactly obeying the laws of reality most of the time. I mean…levitation’s a staple and that’s not something that can happen.

        But also the eyes….dude, the eyes so creep me out!


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