Me Before You Review

Heartbreak, tears, laughter, pain and unbelievable ugly black and yellow striped tights have ended my silence after these last few weeks. That is right. I am back as my obnoxious judgmental and commentating self and we are discussing the epic love story of Me Before You.

As any self-proclaimed love fanatic, I’ve been ecstatic for this film to hit the big screens for months. And I got to tell you; I have one or two things to say about this one.

Me Before You3

But before I get ahead of myself, Me Before You is a romantic tale of a blossoming relationship between two unexpected lovebirds. While the dapping Will wheelchairs himself around hostile at the world and its continues ability to keep him breathing, the enthusiastic Louisa Clark is forced into his life. Now she must conjure up all her love for life in the hopes of saving his. But can she?

This is a film that is adopted from the bestselling novel by Jojo Moyers, and as such, it is a given that I of course had read it before watching the blockbuster wonder. However, this is where I apparently made my first mistake. Everyone knows that reading a book before watching the film is the equivalent of jumping into shark-infested waters wearing nothing but a come and get me sign. You just don’t do it! But I did. And therefore I set myself up for disappointment.

I have to say I absolutely loved the book. A few hours, Kleenex and coming-up for air moments, and I was through the whole thing. I laughed, I cried and I walked around with a pit in my stomach three days after finishing the thing. But as good as Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin performed, the film did not leave me with this feeling. And as aching as the feeling is, it’s a feeling you get when something really great has happened to be able to make you feel this low. So let me try at put my finger on that missing feeling.

The chemistry between the two leading lovers is hard to argue against. The sweet Clarke and the every charming Claflin. I absolutely believe these are the perfect people to play these epic parts. However, and it is with a heavy hard I say this; I needed a spark. A firework, flying hearts, you jump I jump Jack spark, which was very much not present. To be fair, there was no such spark in the book, but as you do not exactly know what the characters are thinking or feeling in the movie, you need that moment to tell you that you are about to witness something spectacular.

In addition to this, a whole chuck of the book was left out of the movie. This is normal, I know, and it actually didn’t bother me the slightest. But, and this is my everlasting but, the scene that lifts the book to its epic heights, for me at least, was not performed in the depths that I so absolutely thought it deserved. This is the scene of the eternal goodbye. I needed the love declaration of Will saying his life was never as good as this moment, but still not enough to make him want life or her. This is the tear-field moment, which I think was bypassed too quickly and shortchanged the entire book, the film and especially me.

Anyways, if you have one romantic bone in your body, I still encourage you to go see it. It’s an emotional film, and it did still leave half the audiences blemished from a tear or two. And who wouldn’t want to see miss Emilia Clark take the lead in yet another captivating picture.



4 thoughts on “Me Before You Review

  1. Fantastic review! I read this last week and can’t wait to go and see the film. I have to say though, I LOVE reading the book first – because the book is always so much better than the film you don’t want to spoil it by doing it the other way around.

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    1. Thank you! And you’re totally right – the books are always way better than the films, no doubt about it. And that is exactly the reason why I prefer to see the films first. Then I get to see an amazing film without expectations, and afterwards read a book with so much more depth, details and sometimes plot twists than the film can ever provide. For me that’s like a win/win.

      And trust me, you will like the film. I promise!

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