Before I Wake Review

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since I wrote the preview several months ago, and I finally saw it today! Jacob Tremblay really blew my mind in Room so I expected no less this time – and I wasn’t disappointed. That little boy is going places and it is safe to say that Room was only the beginning of a huge career and we might also see him at next year’s Oscars with his new movie The Book of Henry. Okay, enough gushing over Jacob – let’s talk Before I Wake!

Before I Wake is a fantasy movie about a boy named Cody who is adopted by foster parents who recently lost their son Sean. Cody does everything he can to avoid sleeping because he is afraid of “Canker Man” and because everything he dreams comes true. One night he dreams beautiful dreams about butterflies and Christmas and another night he has terrifying nightmares that also manifest in reality and affect the foster parents – especially when Cody starts dreaming about their late son Sean.

Cody dreams about this so-called Canker Man who looks rather scary and demonic and it is crucial for the great plot twist at the end of the movie, which makes you go “oooooh, NOW I get it” but the movie also leaves you with a bunch of questions  that makes you believe that some parts of the movie don’t make any sense. Before I Wake is extremely creative with a great plot twist and it is rather sentimental, focusing on how death affects a child and how young parents deal with the loss of their son. I like that, although Cody’s foster mom Jessie does some pretty unethical and selfish things, you can’t help but relate to her and think “I kind of understand those actions”. Thumbs up, Flanagan!

Before I Wake is categorized as a horror movie on IMDb, which, in my opinion, is erroneous, since there is nothing scary about the movie – It is a fantasy thriller with elements of horror, but maybe it would be less enjoyable if it were a horror. Waiting for Before I Wake since forever, I had huge expectations, which led to a certain amount of disappointment but this is absolutely a movie I would recommend to everyone who loves mystery, good plot twist at the end, and a good story.

Before I Wake will get 3 out of 5 clapperboards because, despite its short 1.30h duration, it seemed incredibly long, it left me with unanswered questions at the end that were completely ignored, and the movie was rather confusing at times. However, I think the acting was great, as Jacob Tremblay and Kate Bosworth did a great job, the story was really good and, although the movie was a bit confusing, it made me think about the situations of the characters and made me think about life because Before I Wake is a movie about much more than dreams and nightmares becoming reality.


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