The Taking of Deborah Logan

Another day, another horror movie review – I’m sorry, horror haters, I’m in this strange horror movie phase so I simply can’t help it. Although I rated The Conjuring 2 with 3/5 clapperboards in my last post, a very limited amount of horror movies can be compared with James Wan’s masterpieces, so I did not expect much from The Taking of Deborah Logan.

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a movie about a documentary crew who wants to make a film about Alzheimer’s patients and gets permission to follow the life of Deborah Logan who was recently diagnosed with the disease. Although Deborah’s behavior is considered normal for Alzheimer’s patients, some of her actions become bizarre and supernatural, which freaks out both her daughter Sarah and the documentary crew.

As things become crazier and crazier – including teleportation and sudden fluent French – it is discovered that Deborah is possessed by a mass murderer named Desjardins who, prior to his death, tried to recreate an ancient demonic ritual that would make him immortal. Excuse me, but since when can ghosts or dead people possess?! But alright, I gave the movie the benefit of the doubt since it had some very scary scenes showing a gaunt Deborah Logan with a psycho face. Since Paranormal Activity was released, we have seen lots of movies which pretend to be filmed with a subjective camera but there is a thin line between quality subjective filming and just shaking the camera in a dark place in order to create an illusion of horror.

The idea of The Taking of Deborah Logan was great with the Alzheimer’s storyline but, for the producer managed to mess it up with horrible filming, unrealistic swallowing of a child, and pulling off skin. This movie did nothing really for me, it was very forgettable and doesn’t deserve more than 1 out of 5 clapperboards. Shame since the idea is unique! And for real.. Check this out:



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