Paranormal Activity

I remember when Paranormal Activity first came out almost ten years ago and people talked about how it was filmed with a home camera in order to make the experience more lifelike, I swore never to watch that sh*t. But people change. After meeting a certain person, I’ve had tons and tons of horror movie suggestions thrown my way and I can’t help but share my opinions on them.

After watching Paranormal Activity for the first time today, I realized that subjective filming is absolutely not me – it resulted in nausea and a slight amount of vertigo. I know that it makes it creepier but I got really tired of it after a while. Paranormal Activity is  about a young couple Katie and Micah who record their everyday life to detect the paranormal activities going in on their new home, the creepiest part being the recordings of the night hours that we follow, which also allows us to witness the paranormal stuff going on around the sleeping protagonists.

The movie is highly nerve-wracking and it was hard for me to watch because it’s the epitome of creepy. Do you know the apps you can download on your smartphones that record all the sounds during the night while you sleep? I would rather watch both Conjuring movies home alone at 3am than record the sounds around me while I’m asleep. If there are unknown invisible entities opening and closing the doors of my room or turning on and off my lamp (true event!), I prefer not knowing.

Was I creeped out by Paranormal Activity? Absolutely. Demonic games are always frightening. Having the illusion of being present in the house is terrifying and the filming was MUCH better than in The Taking of Deborah Logan. Was I scared? Nah. But I shouldn’t be blaming the movie for that because, believe me, when I watch horror movies I choose them strategically because I know what will scare me and what won’t, so I choose accordingly. Paranormal Activity is a good movie for sure and it’s an indie movie with a budget of $15,000 that ended up with a $107,000,000 gross in USA – that’s something.

The movie will get 3 out of 5 clapperboards because it is a good movie, and you kinda have to cover half of your face during the night scenes because you don’t know what or IF anything will happen. It’s highly nerve-wrecking with a good story about a regular couple where one of them is skeptical and refuses to get help. However, the movie becomes a bit boring and long, since the crucial things happen during the night. It’s not a movie I will think further about and I think that the end was a bit too hectic.


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