Look Who’s Back Review

Can you imagine Hitler coming back to 21st century and functioning in Merkel’s Germany? Well, the humorous Germans made sure to show us how that would work. Learning German in elementary school and taking additional German classes afterwards, I was exposed to many World War II movies and, oh my Lord, I hated them. I cannot mention ONE WW2 movie I liked, but that’s just me. When I was told to watch Look Who’s Back, I was very hesitant because I cannot stand any more Hitler movies, as I’ve had enough for two lifetimes. However, after being told what it’s really about, I thought “why not then?”.

Look Who’s Back is a satire about Adolf Hitler waking up in 21st century where he gets a lot of attention, as people believe he is a very believable impersonator of Der Führer. He visits different parts of Germany and makes various observations about today’s Germany and the difference from the Germany he knows. We witness a very confused and lost Hitler but we also see a more human (NOTE: not humane) side of him. Hitler talks to different people (who still don’t believe they’re talking to the real Hitler) and asks them what the biggest problem in Germany is and – surprise, surprise – they all agree that immigrants are the biggest problem.

The Germans are so impressed by the “impersonation of Hitler” that he appears on various German TV channels and he is the ultimate subject for YouTubers. However, what they don’t know is that it’s the real Hitler who is just being Hitler – and they are all laughing at his remarks and statements. While watching Look Who’s Back, it’s very hard not to empathize with Hitler although we all know what kind of historical figure he was. Poor Adolf is being attacked by a dog, he gets electrocuted, and doesn’t know how to use a computer mouse – who doesn’t know that kind of problems?

I enjoyed this movie a lot and the dark humor made me laugh, and what I find refreshing is that Germans themselves can poke fun at their infamous history. As much as I laughed, the movie scared me because it makes you wonder whether hate and xenophobia are bringing us back to history? That is not funny – that’s dead serious. Can the immigration crisis be compared with Nazi Germany? This movie leaves you with mixed feelings but in a very humorous way.

While Look Who’s Back is a cool movie with a great story and impeccable acting from Oliver Masucci in his portrayal of Adolf Hitler, it’s not exactly a masterpiece. It is modern, the colors are bright, we can relate to 2014 and its issues, and it is a fun movie, but don’t expect any WOW moments and mind blowing. Therefore, I give Look Who’s Back 3 out of 5 clapperboards – an okay German movie that offers you something to really think about.



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