Hello, My Name Is Doris

Happy Saturday, everyone. Today I felt like watching a movie that doesn’t require too much thinking, and browsing IMDb, I stumbled upon Hello, My Name Is Doris, which is categorized as a romantic comedy – a genre I usually hate with a capital H, but my love for Sally Field won today.

Hello, My Name Is Doris is a movie about an elderly lady named Doris who falls in love with a much younger co-worker John who misunderstands her intention and sees Doris as a very good friend. And who hasn’t been hopelessly in love with someone who was just impossible to get? However, Doris learns that Impossible is actually “I’m Possible”, so she goes for it and creates a fake Facebook account so that she can stalk John. Another familiar situation… Doris does everything to make John love her the same way she loves him, and she starts listening to the same music as him, she goes out with his friends, and she even spends Thanksgiving with him.

Sally Field is a wonderful actress and, without doubt, one of the best – hey, she taught us something very important: Stupid is as stupid does. She nailed the role as Doris in Hello, My Name Is Doris and I enjoyed her performance a lot because she is a truly talented actress. However, the movie is not something I’ve never seen before! A movie about an elderly lady who wants to live like a 20-something-year-old again is not original, and most certainly not funny. The humor is lame, the storyline is predictable, and the message is very vague because even the ending is, like, “Okay… so..?”.

I’m not a fan of romantic comedies and it’s a genre I rarely choose, but today I gave it a chance and, no, it’s still not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I have nothing against good, well-written comedies but I’m tired of clichés and lame humor. I picked Hello, My Name Is Doris because I saw Sally Field and, despite her great performance, I absolutely did not like the movie. Therefore, I’ll give Hello, My Name Is Doris 1 out of 5 clapperboards, as I did not feel I was as entertained as I hoped I would be.


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