The Impossible

Today I saw The Impossible for the first time ever and I have no idea why it took me four years to see this movie. We all remember where we were at the moment we heard about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that caused more than 200,000 deaths and massive destruction. Well, we might remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard about it, but one Spanish family experienced it and their story is so good that they made a film about it.

The Impossible is based on true events of the aforementioned family, which is British in the movie, and which is on a vacation in Thailand where they also celebrate Christmas. On December 26 the biggest catastrophe strikes, which causes a tremendous chaos and the split of the family – on December 26 2004, the Bennett family starts their biggest fight for their lives. We follow Maria Bennett and the oldest son Lucas who find each other immediately after the tsunami hits and who stick together in the search for the rest of the family, who they actually believe are already dead. Due to massive injuries and blood loss, Maria gets extremely weak and ends up in the hospital after finding some help in a thai village.

The movie is intense and was very hard for me to watch because, at times, it was simply devastating. Maria and her son Lucas are trying to look for the father and the two brothers, but, as the titles implies, it seems impossible. On the other side, we also follow the father Henry’s story who is safe with the other two boys and who is desperately trying to find his wife and his oldest son Lucas. How do you find each other among thousands and thousands of people who are all desperate for help and who are all in panic? It’s simply impossible.

The Impossible is all about destruction, death, family, and fight and it’s a wonderful movie, which managed to make me cry. I got extremely emotional many times but, mainly, because it reminded me of the tragedy in 2004 where so many people were left with literally nothing. And, just as importantly, it made me think of my own family – we have never been in such a crazy situation (thankfully so) but I couldn’t help but think about what’s truly important in life.

I genuinely loved The Impossible and it’s a movie I would recommend to everyone because it will have an impact on you and you will see a movie about a true story that not only one single family experienced but thousands of people. It is a nerve wrecking movie that will make you worry about the protagonists and it will make you cry, so make sure to have Kleenex ready. Therefore, this movie deserve a 5 out of 5 rating. Also, Naomi Watts rocks. Enough said.



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