The Intouchables Review

Today is a good day for many reasons, but one of them is very simple: I’m about to blog about a movie that has automatically become my favorite – The Intouchables. I was hesitant before watching it because I was afraid that I would start crying. Believe me, I’m a huge cry baby and it doesn’t take that much to make me weep like crazy, but I did not cry while watching this French masterpiece. And while we are at it, sometimes it’s really wonderful to get away from Hollywood and just to enjoy a foreign movie!

The Intouchables is about a quadriplegic millionaire Phillippe who is interviewing candidates for the position as his carer where he meets the African Driss who is there just to ask Phillippe to sign some documents from Social Security so that he can keep receiving his unemployment benefit. However, Phillippe likes Driss and his rude behavior so he decides to offer him the job, which turns out to be a life changing decision not only for Phillippe but for his employees as well.

The Intouchables is simply two hours well-spent! I laughed 98% of the time while watching it because the script was beyond brilliant. I loved the black humor, the way Omar Sy makes you fall in love with his character, and the way the honest friendship between Driss and Phillippe is portrayed. I love how we see the strong contrast between the multi-millionaire and the poor African with the unemployment benefit, and how we see that, despite theseĀ social differences, we are all equal human beings. This movies is hope, humanity, joy, friendship, and love.

American studios have purchased the rights for this movie, which I’m afraid will kill the uniqueness of it and, as I always say when applying makeup: get while getting’s good. So don’t mess up something that’s already very good. If the Americans decide to do a remake of this movies, I really hope the casting will be just as flawless.

The Intouchables deserves all the clapperboards in the world, so of course, it will get 5 because I can’t even describe how good it is and it’s a movie I recommend everyone to watch because you simply have to experience it! It’s pure entertainment and laughter (done with TASTE) mixed with a wonderful true story.



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