Casa De Mi Padre Review

Get ready folks, because Onza will tell you what you can expect…


A couple of posts ago, I wrote a review on Babel, which I consider a good movie, but now I’ll review the exact opposite. Last night I was eager to find a movie to see because I hadn’t had time lately, and I stumbled upon Casa De Mi Padre. What could go wrong? Will Ferrell, Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal, and Nick Offerman sounded like an okay mix. As I’ve mentioned 2,736,253 times, Gael is one of my favorite actors, Diego Luna is as good, and Will Ferrell is considered funny by many people.

Casa De Mi Padre is a comedy (I guess) about Armando who lives on his father’s ranch in Mexico. They have difficulties with money, but, thankfully, Armando’s brother Raúl is an international drug dealer. Raúl’s fiancé Sonia doesn’t love Raúl but she is with him for the money and ends up falling in love with Armando, which leads to a chaos, as they are all in a war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord Onza.

I grew up around people from the Balkans, and believe me, I know telenovelas! I’m very familiar with the genre and believe me, it’s not good. What Casa De Mi Padre does is that it makes fun of this genre, which isn’t funny at all – come on, how unoriginal is it? I’ve seen that SO many time in various movies and TV shows. Now before you accuse me of not having a sense of humor, which I do, I simply do not find it funny. Thumbs up to Will Ferrell, who doesn’t speak Spanish, he just learned the lines and he makes us believe that he does. But his American Spanish accent is annoying, especially when he plays a character named Armando Álvarez. The jokes in the movie are lame and it is very clear that the budget is low, as it is very obvious that the locations are models and stages.

Diego Luna did a great job and his impeccable talent is really obvious in this movie and his character was the only one I enjoyed. Will Ferrell was unfunny, Gael García Bernal does not have the drug lord vibe at all over him but it’s fun to see him play something different. This movie does not deserve more than 1 clapperboard out of 5, but if you like this kind of comedies, go for it. I also believe that it is crucial for you to be familiar with telenovelas, otherwise you won’t really get the movie.



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