The Fundamentals of Caring Review

ALOHA! We are finally back from a (too) long vacation and we are ready with more new movies to praise, criticize, and adore so much that we will watch them three or four times within a week – believe me, it’s happened before.

I started off with a new one from this summer – The Fundamentals of Caring starring Paul Rudd – a person who managed to make Friends even more fantastic than they already were. I hadn’t heard anything about this movie before so I had absolutely no expectations except for the pretty good 7.4 score on IMDb.

The Fundamentals of Caring is about a retired writer Ben who becomes the caregiver of Trevor, a disabled teen from England. Ben insists on taking Trevor out of the house and they go on a roadtrip where they meet the troubled Dot who joins them and, eventually, falls in love with Trevor. The roadtrip brings Trevor and Ben closer together, and together they cope with their respective losses in life.

The beautiful thing about this film is that it deals with problems many of us can relate to. Being disabled is one thing, but dealing with losing family members either physically or emotionally is something else. This movie is not only about caregiving but it’s about friendships, love, father-child relationships and dreams – no matter how crazy they may be. Despite its sad moments, The Fundamentals of Caring will definitely make you laugh, as it is filled with funny remarks that just makes you love Trevor although he can be a proper douchebag.

As for the casting, I already mentioned that Paul Rudd is exceptional (minus Ant-Man, WTF was that?!) and he didn’t disappoint in this movie. Craig Roberts’ performance as Trevor was utterly enjoyable, but who surprised me the most was Selena Gomez. I had never seen her act before but that girl has talent! Thumbs up for the team behind the movie for the great casting!

Rating the movie is kind of difficult for me because it is a good movie for sure, but in a weird way it is forgettable. Netflix proved that they can make movies with good stories but it just lacked something that made me think “WOW, it’s good!”. Good storyline, good reflection of reality, but it’s just way too dark and simply forgettable, and therefore I’ll rate it with 3 out of 5 clapperboards and still encourage you to watch it because you might be able to relate to the situations portrayed in it.


5 thoughts on “The Fundamentals of Caring Review

  1. Is it just me or does it reminds you of Me Before You too? Except the whole interpersonal romance between the leading lad and lady. 😉


      1. True, I though about that too! How come all films about people in wheelchairs works around the same issues…


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