Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

The world has had weeks and weeks to enjoy Melissa McCarthy’s latest blockbuster wonder. However, Danish movie theaters just opened their doors for the infamous remake of Ghostbusters, which ultimately calls for this overdue review.

If not a remake of a classical motion picture from 1984, the title of this fantasy centered film tells all you need to know about the paranormal venture you are about to witness. Following a ghost invasion of New York, nuclear engineer Jillian, paranormal enthusiasts Erin and Abby along with subway worker Patty come together to stop the threat from the other side. With humor, eye candy-Kevin and special effects, they are ready to take on the next world’s worst nightmares.

First thing first, the cast of this remake was of great debate for Hollywood before, during and after the movie was filmed. I am of course referring to the female-shift of the leading roles, in which Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones took center stage to that of the traditional male leads. Not having seen the original Ghostbusters, I can firmly attest to the right decision made of writer and director Paul Fieg. With the times’ women empowerment going on, female ghostbusters were definitely the way to go. And having McCarthy on the list of cast members certainly doesn’t hurt the promotion of the remake either. This shift was definitely highlighted throughout the film, especially as the film rewards no redeemable quality to any male role – especially the hunky Chris Hemsworth.

The cast worked intentionally awkward together in order to create unity amongst the female stars. However, from the very beginning I had to get off the paranormal crazy train simply due to the banal and at times ridicules humor going on in the film. I happen to know that both McCarthy and Wiig are able to deliver better performances just based on the scripted jokes alone. Most punchlines fell to the ground the moment they were stated, which ultimately hurt the entire film, as I had a hard time keeping my attention on the big screen rather than on tomorrow’s exciting plans to do absolute nothing.

In addition to the poor script, the performances of the starlets were hampered by the special effects. A film such as Ghostbusters is expected to be loaded with amazing special effects, which it of course was. However, it hindered the performance of each actress, who simply couldn’t seem to make the green screen work for or with them. Such a shame, since the effects were undoubtable better than those of the original ’84 film.

While a little too much, a little too weird and definitely a little too off for my taste, I can only give Ghostbusters 2 clipboards. Whether this is because the movie genre simply stepped out of my area of expertise (read: enjoyment) or the humor was too trivial, I just could not seem to keep my mind on Manhattan’s paranormal threat. Ultimately, I wasn’t impressed…


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