Reviewing Suicide Squad

Move over, Avengers, because there is a new squad in town. That is right, today we a dissing about the newest superhero film (that can’t be right, can it?) Suicide Squad. Whether they are heroes or villains or something in between, they are taking us on an adventure worthy of Marvel’s envy.

Should this highly promoted adventure somehow have escaped your attention, I can tell you that this is a superhero film unlike any other. While hero may be the wrong adjective, super definitely hit its mark. In Suicide Squad, a secret government agency bands together the world’s most dangerous criminals to undertake a world-saving black operation in return for leaner prison sentences. But with the elite hit man Deadshot, the derange and sociopathic Harley Queen, pyrohinetic ex-gangster El Diablo, opportunistic world-thief Captain Boomerang, monstrous Cannibal Killer Croc and specialized mercenary Slipknot on your team, you can never count on the outcome. Especially when The Joker joins the game uninvited.


It is no secret that Marvel has occupied the big screen with Avengers the last couple of years, leaving DC Comics and their Batman, Superman and every other all-American superhero we know and love in the dust. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a great example of this… Anyways, now they are back and ready to take on Marvel with this antihero franchise, and boy, did they bring the firearms. Because if there is something villains love, it is weapons and mass destruction.

In Suicide Squad, an amazing team of incredible talented people join together to give an all-time great performance. Each actor brings his or her game within the restrictions of their part and that definitely should be applauded. I especially would like to emphasis the performances of Deadshot, Harley Queen and the Joker. While these roles are awarded the most screen time and played by Hollywoods A-listers, they definitely deserve it. Will Smith takes on the moral (?) compass as the group leader aka Deadshot and perhaps the most human antihero in the group. Margot Robbie landed the sociopathic demeanor of Harley Queen, who will stop at nothing to stand by her man and one true love the Joker, while Jared Leto takes it to a whole other level with his portrayal of the Jokester. In particular, Margot deserves stars to her name for her performance, because as annoying as she was as Jane in the newest Tarzan remake, as entertaining was she in this film hit wonder. With the role of Harley, she placed herself in Hollywood’s elite.

To me, Deadshot, Harley and the Joker bring the film to its level, while the other actors along with the noticeable Cara Delevingne simply fill in the remainder of the screen time. Whether or not it is just me, I get the feeling that there was something missing in the Suicide Squad. Not every role got his or her say due to restrictions in the script, which ultimately focused on the three A-listers. Perhaps, SS was missing their personal version of Marvel’s Tony Stark, if you will, to bring the comical relief to the film. While Will Smith gave it his best shot, he is definitely no Downey Jr. when it comes to comedy, which I truly believe would have taken this film to the next level.

Anyways, I don’t know about you but I am for sure getting bored with the good guys always saving the day, so this film has arrived at the perfect time. I am a big fan of the deranged mind (I mean, Criminal Minds is my all-time favorite show), so I like it when our antiheroes get to struggle between one bad action and another, instead of what is right and what is wrong. Because sometimes, we just need a little wrong to be right, am I right? And just like Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, Suicide Squad knows how to keep you fixated on the screen and your head in the game. Knowing that the good guys always will do what is good has just gotten dull. So thank you, DC Comic, for bringing something new to the screen.

But to talk clipboards, I am actually struggling between 4 or 5. I really want to give the film all the clipboards it can muster simply because of the new antihero dynamic, but I just think there is something missing for the film to drag home that last one. So 4 clipboards, but a film worth watching. No doubt about it!



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