The Edukators Review

When I think back at the times when I used to learn German in elementary school, I recall a gazillion WW2 movies and, well, even more WW2 movies, which I sincerely despise. However, one day our lovely German teacher decided to take us to the movies to see The Edukators – or as it is originally called: Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei – a movie I still enjoy watching.

As you might know, I love foreign movies and, I have to say that, despite the fact that every other German movie is about the WW2 or Hitler, Germans make great movies. Remember Guten Tag, Ramón? Or Look Who’s Back? Sophie Scholl is another German movie I will definitely write about, too, and I think it’s the only WW2 movie I really liked. Well, back to The Edukators! This movie is about the young Jule who is indebted, as she, by accident, hit the car of a very rich business man, and therefore she must work her a*s off. After moving in with her boyfriend Peter, she learns that he and his roommate have a peculiar hobby – they break into luxurious homes and, instead of vandalizing them or robbing them, they just rearrange the entire furniture and leave creepy messages. Since the man whose car Jule hit is rich, too, she convinces to boys to break into his home to teach him a lesson, which, eventually, goes very wrong.

Before you see it – if you haven’t seen it before – beware of the fact that the production of this movie is far from the best. I might as well break it to you now, so forget about your typical Hollywood glam because this movie is not digitally glamorous – but who cares? You’ll get used to it. However, the movie is very authentic and we witness the three protagonists’ lives as they are, which is highly appreciated. The protagonists themselves are playful, warm and you witness their human side in spite of their bizarre hobbies and their, more or less, hard lives. While we are at it, I love Daniel Brühl and it’s so awesome that he’s become a regular name in Hollywood now – it’s well-deserved, though! Julia Jentsch is as good, although her role as Sophie Scholl in the same-named movie is much better, but more on that another day.

The Edukators is a good movie about morality, ethics, social politics, friendships, personal relationships, revolution, and anarchy (-ish). The movie makes you wonder about the capitalism that is showcased and how it can affect people in one way or another. The movie has an open ending that you can interpret yourself and make even more sense out of it. I also love how the movie starts as an innocent movie about a couple in their mid/late-20s that moves in together and does normal things regular couples do and it ends up being super complex. And not many movies can do that and still be described as excellent.

So if we jump to the rating, I think this movie deserves 4 out of 5 clapperboards because it’s a very different movie touching upon rather sensitive subjects that can provoke mixed feelings. The storyline remains interesting from the beginning to the end, and we manage to relate to and connect with the characters. The only minus is that, at some points, it gets too political and you, kind of, lose the adrenaline that you’re supposed to have watching this movie. Overall, The Edukators is an excellent and charming movie that I’m sure you will love.


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