Old But Gold: Face/Off

Who doesn’t like a good old action movie with guns, explosions and blood? Well, I most certainly don’t but this blog lacks reviews on action movies, so I thought that I’d introduce you to a good one then. Therefore, I watched Face/Off – I had seen it many times before but I wanted to make sure that I remembered everything. And it’s really weird to see Nicolas Cage as an actor and not a meme…

Face/Off is a about Sean Archer, an FBI agent whose son is killed by a psycho criminal Castor Troy whom Archer eventually catches and leaves in coma after a fight. After leaving Troy in a coma, Archer finds out that the criminal has planted a bomb that will destroy Los Angeles and the only one who knows where the bomb is is Troy’s brother. Since the brother refuses to talk, Archer needs to find a solution and ends up getting a surgery by a surgeon who can swap people’s faces. This surgeon puts Troy’s face on Archer and vice-versa, which gives Archer hope to finally make Troy’s brother talk. However, shortly after the surgery, Troy regains his consciousness and wants revenge on Archer for taking his face.

Extremely wild plot, right? I don’t care for the action scenes and the exaggerated fights, but I love the storyline because it’s so different and yet so bizarre. Face/Off offers impeccable acting by Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, and, believe me, together they’re so freaking powerful. They both play maniacs and good guys, which is utterly enjoyable to watch and, to be honest, I am still in awe, as their performances are completely believable.

Despite the fact that it’s from 1997 and long before they started using crazy technology and effects, Face/Off hasn’t lost its appeal, since it delivers in acting, directing and storyline. You feel the main characters’ pain, you feel angry, frustrated and the movie keeps you interested during the 2 hours and 18 minutes. If you like action scenes, I have good news for you: the movie is full of them, and I don’t think that more than 15 minutes passes without an action scene, so it definitely lives up to its genre. I know that the face swap thing is unrealistic but just keep an open mind and you’ll be good because it’s a crucial part of the plot. Also, I think that the Snapchat creators were inspired by this movie when they created the face swap filter, lol.

Face/Off deserves 5 out of 5 clapperboards because it’s truly an excellent movie with mind-blowing performances and storyline. And if someone like me who despise action movies says that, believe me, it’s worth watching.


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