Reviewing The Butterfly Effect

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an event in your life had turned out differently? That’s exactly what The Butterfly Effect (and the butterfly effect itself) is about. I love strange and twisted movies because they keep me interested and on the edge of the seat all the time. I chose to see The Butterfly Effect having exactly those expectations combined with very good acting because Ashton Kutcher rarely disappoints. I don’t understand why people insist that he can’t act…

The Butterfly Effect is about a boy called Evan who grows up with his single mother, as his dad is institutionalized. Evan starts having blackouts and wakes up somewhere else totally confused. After visiting doctors, he is advised to keep a journal on everything he does, but as he grows up, the blackouts stop and he recovers. One day, Evan starts reading his old journals and he is suddenly hit by a flashback and it turns out that he can go back and change some events in his past, which completely changes the way his life turns out later.

It definitely makes you think, right? If one little detail changes, everything changes, hence the butterfly effect. The beginning of the movie is very good and interesting, and it’s very easy to follow, but it kind of loses it later in the movie. The idea is very good but way too unrealistic in my opinion, and I know I gushed about a movie about face swapping yesterday, but I’m convinced that a movie about time travelling could have been made with much more imagination. Also, the butterfly effect refers to a tiny little thing resulting in big consequences, and we don’t see that in The Butterfly Effect, as Evan goes back to change huge events in his life, which is less interesting, since these events don’t showcase how little things can affect the world in big ways.

Although I spent some time bashing The Butterfly Effect, I have to admit that it kept me interested and I was very eager to see the ending hoping to get an AHA! moment but the ending disappointed me the most! I had a hard time seeing a deeper meaning with the movie and the ending itself because the movie contains some inexplicable things and it doesn’t tie everything up neatly for us. However, I know that there is a difference between the theatrical release and the director’s cut, so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt and hoping that I just saw the wrong one.

I will give the movie 2 out of 5 clapperboards despite popular opinion because it was truly a strange movie that didn’t blow my mind as I hoped it would. The acting was good, the idea was even better, but they could have done it much, much better.



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