Perfetti Sconosciuti Review

…let’s just call it Perfect Strangers, shall we?

Today’s been a very good day since I got to recover from a couple of days with awful movies I might or might not write about one of these days. Thankfully, today’s movie Perfect Strangers (translated from Italian) is an excellent movie and it proves that Italians don’t only have good food but they also seem to produce very good movies. It touches upon an aspect we all can relate to – the usage of smartphones and what people hide in them.

The movie is about a bunch of friends – mainly couples – who gather for a nice dinner together and, as they talk about various stuff going on in their lives, they also mention how smartphones play a certain role in relationships. Then one of them suggests to play a game where everyone puts their phone on the table and, every time they receive a message, they have to read it out loud, and every time they receive a phone call, they have to put it on speakerphone. This risky game starts revealing some very unexpected secrets among the friends, and the dinner turns into a mess.

How scary, right? I’m telling you, this movie touches upon something we can relate to, and therefore, it kept me on the edge of my seat all the time. The acting is so authentic and humorous, and, sometimes, you feel like you’re there at the dinner table with the seven charming Italians, as almost the entire movie is filmed there. Perfect Strangers really showcases how much your phone can hide about you and how important they are in our lives. That’s also pretty scary.

The whole movie is convincible and it becomes more and more tense as the characters receive text messages because, for every message or call they receive, the friends become more and more like strangers. It’s definitely a movie that deserves 5 out of 5 clapperboards because it’s highly enjoyable and entertaining and, although the storyline is so simple, it blows your mind at the end, which is always appreciated when done in a genius way. Grab some tiramisu and put on this Italian drama/comedy.


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