The Amityville Horror Review

Horror movie time, people!!! It’s been a while, right? Last night I saw The Conjuring 2 with my brother and those of you who have seen the movie know that it begins with the Warrens investigating the Amityville tragedy that happened in 1974. I knew that Ryan Reynolds had a movie based on this tragedy so today I thought I would give it a chance since I’ve become a horror movie addict… ish.

Let me tell you a bit about the real Amityville story. In November 1974, Ronald DeFeo entered a bar in Amityville screaming that his family had been shot – it turned out they were executed in their beds while sleeping. When the police investigated the case, Ronald claimed that he wasn’t home during the murders of his parents and four siblings but the police found a gun box in his room. Ronald eventually confessed but he claimed that some voices made him do it. Despite his explanation, he was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences, but there is still no explanation of how Ronald could’ve shot one by one in the house without anyone waking up and without the neighbours hearing any shots.

Now to the movie The Amityville Horror, which is based on the aforementioned case of Ed and Lorraine Warren and how the two are connected. 13 months after the massacre in Amityville, the Lutz family moved into the house for $80,000 without really knowing what had happened there one year earlier. When they find out, they decide to stay in the house because “houses are not bad, people are”. Really? If I was told that someone was murdered in my house, I would run to the North Pole. Luckily, the Lutz family are much braver than me and they didn’t run away until day 28 after the children start seeing dead people and demonic creatures and after the husband, George, starts behaving strangely and he becomes dangerous.

The Amityville Horror was utter waste of time for me but I was curious because I had seen documentaries on the real case, so I expected real horror. The movie contains some creepy details such as George waking up nightly exactly at 3.15am, which is the time the police concluded the DeFeo family was murdered. Other than that, the effects are exaggerated and you’re left thinking “WTF am I watching?”. The only thing the movie contains that is a horror movie element is sudden scary sounds that make you startle. These scares are repeated at least a million times and, honestly, it gets a bit boring in the long run.

Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and he did an okay job in this movie but Mr. Blake Lively was extremely exaggerated in the role as George Lutz who is portrayed as a raving lunatic. The Amityville case is super interesting and could be the foundation of an immensely scary movie, which I strongly believe it would’ve been if it were directed by James Wan, but instead, it just remained a good idea that was executed very poorly. Therefore, I have to give The Amityville Horror only 1 out of 5 clapperboards.


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