Mother’s Day Review

As you might know, I’m a big fan of Friends and the best way to get my attention when it comes to movies is simply by putting one of the six Friends (as well as Paul Rudd) in a movie, so of course I had to watch Mother’s Day starring Jennifer Aniston who used to portray my favorite character of all time: Rachel Green. See, I already feel so tempted to continue with this Friends monologue but I need to stop myself because this post is not about Friends but about Jennifer’s movie Mother’s Day. I was very hesitant about this movie because I’m not a big comedy fan and the IMDb score is 5.5 but at least my expectations weren’t high and I was prepared for a typical semi-lame comedy. However, the casting is so freaking awesome – Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Kate Hudson, Sarah Chalke, and Aasif Mandvi. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

In Mother’s Day we follow the lives of several mothers, one of them being Sandy played by Jennifer Aniston who is happily divorced and, as she starts hoping for reconciliation with her ex, she finds out that he remarried a girl half her age. Then we follow the sisters Jesse and Gabi who keep some big secrets from their old-school mom who visits them unexpectedly and finds out that Jesse is married to a man of color and Gabi is a lesbian. We see the life of a new mother Kristin who lives with her boyfriend who really wants to marry her but she doesn’t want to. Bradley is a widower with two daughters and he does his best to be the best parent although it is very challenging since one of his daughters is a teenager who has started dating and who sends her dad to buy tampons. Lastly, we see the glamorous life of Miranda who solely focuses on her career and, therefore, has no children. I know it seems like too much with all these characters but it’s actually not difficult at all to follow and, in the end, it will all make more sense.

Honestly, I don’t know why the movie got bad reviews. I think it was funny and it had a lot of funny tag lines. And FINALLY (and I can’t stress this enough) a comedy without nakedness and sex! I don’t know why but lately, every comedy includes vulgarities that are not even funny but simply lame. Seriously, I brought my 12-year cousins to the movies to watch Ted because I thought it was a fun movie for them and BOY was I wrong! Bottom line is, sex doesn’t always sell and the lack of it in Mother’s Day is a huge plus.

I’m not a mother yet but I’m a sister and daughter and it is still easy for me to relate to some things from the movie and I am sure that many people have struggled with moms who don’t approve of their boyfriends, with their ex’s remarrying, and with co-parenting. Mother’s Day is a movie that addresses many realistic issues and it shows how everything can be solved and will be okay. Don’t expect too much drama but be ready to laugh and have some surprises from time to time. As I said in the intro, I didn’t have high expectations despite the good casting and that’s why I ended up liking it so much. And now that I’m mentioning the casting, I think that everyone did a great job. Let’s be real, this movie is hardly going to be an Academy Award nominee, so don’t expect anything extraordinary from the cast members. They did a solid job and don’t deserve the criticism they’re receiving for this movie.

Mother’s Day will get 3 out of 5 clapperboards because it is a nice and enjoyable movie that you’re probably going to like but it’s also very clichéd and predictable, and you will understand what I mean when you watch the movie since I don’t wanna spoil it. Overall, I think it’s a good and funny movie with good actors that deserves your attention.



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