Reviewing Sully

FINALLY! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. I have been waiting for this movie since I first heard that Tom Hanks was cast, and now I finally watched it. And I’ve probably said it before but there are certain actors that only do good movies and you just know that the movie will be good when you see they’re in it. Tom Hanks happens to be one of them and – I know I know, I hated A Hologram for the King but let’s give the man the benefit of the doubt, and as someone who has seen almost every movie Hanks has ever made, I feel entitled to comment and say that Tom Hanks freaking rocks and so do his movies.

I guess many of you have heard the story about the Hudson River accident in 2009, right? Well, there’s always someone who hasn’t so I’ll describe it very briefly: In January 2009, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, who was flying the US Airways Flight 1549 from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, was forced to make an emergency water landing in the Hudson River after multiple bird strikes damaged the engines that eventually failed. Thankfully, no one was hurt and Sullenberger became a national hero. Sully is not merely about this accident but about Sullenberger’s life afterwards, about the media attention, and, most importantly, how he was grilled by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The man behind the movie Clint Eastwood makes sure we are introduced to different parts of Sullenberger’s story from the incident itself to the hearings with NTSB. The story is not linear and we get different flashbacks and visions, which makes sure that we are introduced to the accident, Sullenberger’s private life and to the courtroom. And I’ve heard people complain about how we only follow one person’s story but the movie is called Sully because it’s about, well, Sully. Don’t expect a typical plane crash movie with the tension and anxiety building up throughout the movie because that’s not what you’re gonna get with this movie because, as I said earlier, it’s not only about the incident on the Hudson River, it’s also about the aftermath. Eastwood also makes sure that we don’t forget about 9/11, which was probably the worst thing that ever happened to New York – in the first scene we see a plane crash into a building in Manhattan. I don’t think I’m the only one who associated that with the attack back in 2001. Well played, Clint! And it’s definitely something we need to remember!

When the movie ended, the first thing I said was “YES! Oscar nomination for Tom Hanks!” and I really hope I’m right because he deserves it for this movie. His portrayal of a man who became a hero in 209 seconds is so damn genuine. At some points you might feel that he needs to show more emotions but how much can he show after such a huge accident and after suffering from PTSD? So even the lack of emotion is justifiable. Overall, Sully is an excellent movie that lives up to the high expectations. It’s a movie about a true hero and a person that has to be remembered. Now Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks have immortalized him in the best way possible. Sully definitely deserves 5 out of 5 clapperboards as well as a few Oscar nominations.


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