Friend Request Review

This morning I felt super brave and decided to watch a horror movie because why not. It was light outside and I wasn’t home alone. I rarely check IMDb ratings of horror movies because most of them get below 6, so why bother getting high or low expectations? I read the brief description of the movie and, since it didn’t contain any creepy ghosts, I felt safe and could easily watch Friend Request because it sounded pretty interesting.

Friend Request is about a popular college girl Laura who meets the new girl Marina who is very mysterious and lonely. Marina sends Laura a friend request on Facebook and she quickly becomes obsessed with her and starts stalking her and continuously sending her messages all day long. When Laura gets sick of her, Marina takes her own life and films it and, somehow, puts it online for everyone to see. Marina’s ghost starts harassing Laura and her friends and, eventually, Laura loses the control of her own life.

I must admit that the idea is pretty good and it shows how social media platforms can manage and manipulate our lives. Friend Request is a surprisingly scary(-ish) movie with some extremely eerie scenes and elements where I simply had to look at my phone in order to distract myself. What freaks me out the most and what this movie was filled with is when the characters look in the mirror and you just know that something scary will happen. When I say “scary(-ish)” it’s because it is no Conjuring. When the scenes were supposed to be scary, I thought “for real?! What the hell am I watching?” because some things were too exaggerated for my taste. As I said, we don’t see any ghosts or demons but witchcraft, which is something I’m really not used to in horror movies, but I like how the witchcraft is combined with modern day technology. There is a fair amount of jump scares and many scenes where you can just feel the tension and your heartbeat increases, which makes it an okay horror movie because that’s what scary movies are supposed to do, right?

The acting is decent and the dialogue between Laura and her friends is natural and convincing, and the entire idea behind the movie is very good, but there are some flaws for sure! The fact that Marina has no ID, records, etc. doesn’t add up with the fact that the cops could identify her body when she burned herself. And the cops ask Laura if she knows where Marina committed suicide but they already found her body… WTF? Anyway, I’ll give Friend Request 2 out of 5 clapperboards because, as I said, it’s no Conjuring and it’s not a movie that will keep you awake in the night. It’s a decent movie with a good idea, so I would still recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a modern day horror.


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