Reviewing Unfriended

A couple of days ago I wrote a review on Friend Request and I couldn’t help but notice how people kept comparing it with a movie called Unfriended. I started getting curious and decided to watch Unfriended and it turns out that it’s much creepier than Friend Request. Unfriended doesn’t contain any witchcraft, which I’m grateful for because I wasn’t fond of that in the first movie. However, it’s really disturbing…

Unfriended is about six high school friends chatting through Skype when they receive a message from Laura Barns who had committed suicide one year earlier due to bullying. The friends believe it’s a troll who’s messing with them but they quickly realize that it’s something supernatural as a Skype account that belonged to the late Laura starts making threats. Suddenly their darkest secrets are revealed and they all get punished one by one because Laura wants revenge and she wants to kill everyone if justice isn’t served. The creepiest part is the tension that is built up because you can feel something supernatural going on and you just expect Laura to be in one of the friends’ room. To make everything even creepier, the entire movie is set on Blaire’s computer and it works incredibly well because you literally become a part of the entire story.

Although I really liked the movie because it was truly messed up and scary, there are some things I have a problem with. First of all, I don’t believe that ghosts can possess you even though they’re in hell as Laura herself indicated once. If you’re to be possessed, it’s a demonic evil force that will possess you, not a ghost that used to be a good person. Second of all, Laura committed suicide because she was bullied but she turns out to be a bully herself although she isn’t alive anymore. I’m against bullying but murdering your bullies is not the way to go, so I don’t feel sorry for this Laura girl. If we forget about my nitpicking for a moment and get back to the actual happenings in the movie, I have to admit that I was scared but not so much that it interfered with my sleep.

The acting was on point and you feel so desperate watching the actors because you have no idea what’s going on in their rooms and you have no idea when the next jump scare will occur. You’re tense during the entire movie waiting for whatever is going to happen next, which makes it extremely unsettling and keeps you on the edge of the seat. The characters are clearly high school stereotypes and they become less and less likeable towards the end as their secrets are revealed. Unfriended deserves 4 out of 5 clapperboards as it is much better and scarier than Friend Request. It has its flaws but it’s one of the creepiest movies I’ve seen in a long time and you should definitely give it a chance!



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