Reviewing Maggie’s Plan

I have THREE movie reviews pending – yes, THREE! I definitely have too much times on my hands at the moment but the good thing is that I have enough time to watch different kinds of movies and introduce you to them. The first one out of the three is Maggie’s Plan that I watched a few days ago just because it seemed like a movie with a cute story. And it’s actually the first time I see Ethan Hawke in a movie like this – isn’t he more of an action movie guy? Anyway, I had absolutely no expectations so I just dove into this “comedy” that is set in one of my favorite cities in the world: New York.

This dramedy is about Maggie who really wants a baby on her own and she makes an old friend donate his sperm so she can get pregnant. However, she falls in love with John who is married to the Danish Georgette (I’m sorry, Georgette is anything but a Danish name!). John divorces his successful wife with whom he has two children and he marries Maggie and gives her a baby. Three years later, Maggie falls out of love and manipulates John to get back together with his ex wife as she realizes that they’re perfect for each other. What a story, huh? It takes some balls to be like Maggie, right?

Honestly, at the beginning, I was about to puke as I watched Greta Gerwig’s painful acting or whatever it is. Ultimately, I got used to it and was less annoyed by her. Julianne Moore was my favorite in this movie as Georgette because she is truly a great actress. I cracked up when she tried to say “det var hyggeligt” (tr: it was cozy) as well as when her kids spoke a strange language that was supposed to be Danish, which I realized later. I know it’s too much to ask for but the producers could have made more effort. As for the movie itself, it’s below average for my taste with no funny moments and with annoying characters. The story is poorly constructed with sudden jumps in time and with John falling in love with Maggie after not many meetings. However, Ethan Hawke is hell of an actor and, although his character was annoying and self-absorbed, he was very good.

Maggie’s Plan is about a bunch of self-absorbed and pretentious New Yorkers who are all about “me me me me”, including Maggie herself with whom we are supposed to sympathize. No way, José! You ruin a marriage, uproot another woman’s children and then you want a divorce?! That’s a no-go, you control freak! The movie deserves 1 out of 5 clapperboards because it’s just an indie project gone wrong and the only thing that is good about it are Julianne Moore and Ethan Hawke. But the only ones who made me chuckle were Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph who play Maggie’s close friends but isn’t Bill Hader always funny? All in all, bad movie with a somewhat stupid and selfish story.


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