The Light Between Oceans Review

Dreamworks Pictures’ The Light Between Oceans is the latest movie wonder to dive into heart-breaking love, cruel fate and deafening drama. With Swedish Alicia Vikander taking the lead alongside off-screen lover boy Michael Fassbender, this movie was a must see for me.

In this heartbreaking nineteenth century drama, the lighthouse keeper Tom and his wife Isabel take in a shipwrecked baby as their own. Little do they know that fate will turn their act of selfish kindness into questionable morals in the eyes of the outside world…

This film was the breeding grounds for a beautiful romance between today’s off-screen couple Vikander and Fassbender. We as the audiences got to witness them falling in love, but also the unfolding of a truly heartbreaking story with sadness and tears that leaves no character the victor of its tale. The moral dilemmas of the storyline appears multiple and questionable: The decision to seal the rescuing of a shipwrecked child and its lifeless father from the world; the decision to keep quiet when presented with the child’s birth mother; the decision to hide the true story when found out; the decision of Isabel to desert her husband when punished for their crimes, and the biggest moral dilemma of all; the decisions of the many broken hearts when doing what is right for the child.

As said, this storyline presents many dilemmas, but each one brought with it a sense of depth to the overall story. The film generally is a lot to take in due to all the emotions accompanying each dilemma, which either you like or you don’t. Reading tons of reviews about this film, I know lots of people didn’t like the gravity, but I very much did. This film highlights that every action has a consequence and you have to decide whether you can live with said consequent. Tom could not…

This movie truly had a wonderful and powerful cast filled with one award-winning actor and actress after another. The talent appeared unlimited as each dilemma, each screen brought with it complex sentiments, emotions and performances. And just as the depth of the storyline, the depth of emotion due to the outstanding performances becomes heavy and at time hard to bear. Vikander gave it her all as our hearts breaks for her, when her child is taken away from her, while tears rolled down our cheeks as Fassbender utters his reasons for make that happen. Powerful in every way.

Unlike most critiques, I have no bad things to comment on The Light Between Oceans. It is a slow evolving, heart-breaking story of too many people loving one child. But as such, it also has its limitations as for the storyline. With that said, I will give the film 3,5 clipboards, but ultimately 3, as I can’t give a half.


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