Mothers and Daughters Review

Yesterday I mentioned that I had some movies I was yet to review, so today I’m going to introduce you to a very good movie that reminds a lot about Mother’s Day as it contains the same elements and is about the mother-daughter connections. For starters, what’s with the awesome casting in this movie?! Christina Ricci, Courteney Cox, Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon, Selma Blair, Paul Wesley, Mira Sorvino… Si, señor! You had me at Courteney Cox.

Mothers and Daughters is about different stories about families with mother-daughter issues, the main character being the photographer Rigby, portrayed by Selma Blair, who gets pregnant and doesn’t know if she should keep the baby. Then there is a story about a daughter being adopted, one about a daughter disowning her mother, one about how a daughter realizes that her mother is actually her sister, and so on. Unlike Mother’s Day, this is not a comedy but rather an indie drama not containing much humor. Mothers and Daughters portray the reality when it comes to mother-daughter issues while Mother’s Day made everything seem oh-so-perfect and much easier than it is in real life.

Despite the horrible 4.8 IMDb rate, I enjoyed Mothers and Daughters because it’s a movie about real life problems. Every possibility of motherhood is covered very beautifully in this movie, and when you combine that with very good acting, you can’t go wrong. Christina Ricci did an impeccable job portraying a confused daughter who goes through real heart ache. Every cast member does a perfect job, which adds to the emotion the movie is aiming for. Mothers and Daughters is incredibly enjoyable and, at times, you don’t only see mother-daughter connections but also mother-son connections that are very special as well. What I also liked about this movie is that we see women with different lifestyles and careers, which makes it more relatable.

I am going to give Mother and Daughters a solid 4 out of 5 clapperboards because it touches upon some great real-life issues, the acting is close to flawless, the different stories are very intriguing and I’m sure that some of them will make you shed a tear or two.


One thought on “Mothers and Daughters Review

  1. Couldn’t agree more. This refreshing modest budget film thinks outside the box. It seems the director who’s European experimented with a style that short circuited some critics, yet many films that fail to receive favor by the critics end up being huge box-office triumphs and/or beloved classics in time. Enjoyed how skype, texting etc in short ways we’ve come to communicate in today’s fast-paced world was integrated. Definitely worth watching.

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